Mobile Paintless Dent Repair serving the greater Birmingham, Ala., area.
We specialize in door ding removal, minor dents, and hail damage repair.


Some Hail Damage Facts:

1. Hail Damage is an act of nature. It falls under your comprehensive insurance coverage and will not raise your insurance rate.

2. The policy holder of the vehicle has the right to take his or her vehicle to any body shop or PDR technician he or she prefers.

3. All hail damage repairs are 100% guaranteed by Carsmetic and HailWorks.

HailWorks is not affiliated with any insurance Direct Repair Program. These types of programs often seek price breaks and other concessions designed to save the insurance companies money, which can lead to less than quality repairs for the consumer. At HailWorks, all of our repairs are of the highest caliber and are 100% guaranteed.

If you would like more information, check out the following article "What To Do When You Get Hail Damage on Your Vehicle" by Trey Pool at Dentworks of Austin.

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About HailWorks

Chris Sherer formed HailWorks to meet the growing need for PDR hail damage technicians in Alabama and across the country. HailWorks has worked for all major insurance companies in 12 states, using a network of expert technicians from across the country.



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